From Reject to Champion

John Shuster, John Landsteiner, Matt Hamilton, and Tyler George are not names most people know. Although that is changing. One used to work at a Dick’s Sporting Goods Store and is now a bartender, one is an engineer, one runs their family’s liquor store, and one is a technician for Spectrum Services. This is a list that doesn’t make you think of great things. However, over a couple days This past February they took over the curling world and won Olympic Gold.

Their story is the type of thing that movies are made from. John Shuster was dropped from the US National Team following the last Olympics. He recruited a couple guys, one who also had been dropped, and they spent a year working without the support of the National Team. They labeled themselves “The Rejects”. This “reject” team overcame the lack of funding, their personal jobs, the time away from family, and they eventually earned their spot representing the US National Curling Team.

Fast forward to now and they have people talking to them about movie deals, sponsorships, and people are even talking about Matt’s mustache. This group of four guys who look like they could be guys you run into at your local bowling alley, grocery store, or anywhere, are the guys who are Olympic Gold Medalists.

They could not have done this on their own. Their story is centered on a belief in one another and in their effort together. Other people may not have seen them as worthy of another shot, but they believed their best was still to come.

I believe this is how God sees us. God desperately wants us to know that we are always worthy of another shot. Even if we feel undervalued, even if we feel unwanted, even if we feel rejected, there is still hope for us. God does, through Jesus, what the US Curling team did, he takes the broken and brings them together to create something better than they could have done on their own.

The Church is to be the people who know there is something not whole in their life and yet, they come to find that together they can do incredible things. What if we truly began to work together for the greater good of what God has? What if we believed God could multiply our effort. What if we truly embraced that none of us is a “reject” and that all of us are worthy of “gold”. What if we made sure that everyone we have ever met is deeply loved by God? I can only imagine the impact that we might have…we might literally change the world.

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