The day after…

Last night was the Super Bowl. It was a game that was watched by millions of people. It was a game that epitomizes the idea that we should be strong and powerful. It is a game that awards the stronger, bigger, faster, and team who executes the better game plan. It in many ways summarizes the way many of us think about life.

However, I cannot help to think about how Jesus calls us to another way of life. He calls us to vulnerability. He calls us to confession. He calls us to become least and not the greatest. He calls us to serve others and not to think too highly of ourselves. It was interesting as there was a Dodge commercial about serving others that played during one of the commercial breaks and in that commercial they played a part of a sermon from Martin Luther King Jr. The message was powerful…it was the wrong context, but still powerful.

The wrong context seems to define so much of our spiritual lives. We buy into the bigger, stronger, faster, better planned out, type of faith. That works some of the time. However, I cannot help, but think we might be better served if we confessed more to one another. What if we took down the façades and we began to embrace the words of James (5:16) more seriously…”Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” I think we believe the prayers of a righteous person are effective, but I am not sure we always believe that the first part is part of what helps us become one of those righteous people.

My prayer for our church and The Church is that we would be even more and more of a people who are radically defined by our “realness,” our confessions. This is not to say God wants us to live in sinful ways of life so that we can confess more. It is to say that the more righteous (right with God), that we become, the more we will recognize our need for confession. Confession makes us feel vulnerable. It is raw. It is authentic. It is a mark of faith in God and one another.

What would it look like if we didn’t try to be bigger, faster, stronger, better planned out followers of Jesus, but we became more real, genuine, and authentic? What would happen if we confessed more? What would that message to the world be? I cannot help but think we might see a more powerful movement of prayer in our lives. I cannot help but think we would not become better servants of one another. I cannot help but think that our lives would then be in the right context and we would be bigger, stronger, and faster in God’s eyes…even if the team we wanted to win the super bowl didn’t win. (I’m a Colts fan…I was rooting for the Eagles!)

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