“The Waves and Wind Still Know His Name”

The ancients saw the wind and waves as chaos. They were uncontrollable, volatile, violent, destructive, awe-inspiring, forces of nature, and they were to be respected, but even when respected the wind and waves could wreak havoc on their lives. The truth is, the wind and the waves are still chaos today. Sure, we can use wind for energy, ride waves, and enjoy the way a nice breeze along water is peaceful, but when that wind turns violent or the waves crash into something, the chaos is still there.

This chaos has been apparent to me the past couple days as I have watched the wind and the waves crash into the lakeshore. We have been staying at Katie’s aunt and uncles house on Lake Michigan and the past two days have seen 8-10 foot waves, 20-30 mph winds and an awe-inspiring storm. The “fort” my kids and I have made has been washed away, and the shoreline is missing some sand. This has reminded me of a line to a song we have been singing in church together “the waves and the wind still know His name.” The writer of the song titled “It is Well” wrote this line after a time he had been crying out to God and sensed God say to him, “the waves and wind still know my name.” In other words, “in the chaos of your life, the thing that is uncontrollable, the moment of great despair, don’t forget that I am here. Don’t forget that when my name is spoken, peace comes to the chaos.”

This has left me asking some hard questions of myself. Do I trust the chaotic moments of my life to God? When I am in despair, when things seem uncontrollable, where do I find my hope? What would it look like if you and I began to find our hope in the one of whom we can sing the line “the waves and the wind still know my name.” What if rather than seeing the world as awful, being driven by fear, or lamenting the “chaos” in our lives, we began to find hope in the one whose name can calm the wind and the waves.

When the storm ends and calm comes again, we know that there will be other storms in the future. We can only control our response to the storm. We can learn to lean in on the one who speaks peace in chaos and we can learn to sing the other lines of the song because of that hope.

Through it all, through it all, My eyes are on You, It is well with me, Far be it from me to not believe, Even when my eyes can’t see…So let go my soul and trust in Him, The waves and wind still know His name…It is well with my soul.”

My prayer for you and I, is that we would learn to trust wholly in the one who brings peace. The One “the waves and wind still know His name.”

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