More than Words: A Lesson From Grandma

Do you ever feel alone? Do you ever wonder if you are loved? Do you sometimes feel like a relationship with God is one-sided? Maybe it feels like you read the Bible, you pray, and you hear nothing. Maybe you don’t read the Bible, maybe you don’t pray, and maybe you still don’t hear from God.

What if the way that we approached the Scriptures had an impact on the relational aspect of God to us? What if the Scriptures come alive when we read them having approached them prayerfully? You see I know in my life that the Scriptures have most often been God speaking back to me when I have approached the Scriptures from a place of openness and intentionality.

The Bible is a collection of books written by many different authors over several hundred years. There is allegory, poetry, and several other literary devices seen throughout its pages. Every author was trying to paint a different picture with words. When we look at small parts of the whole it really is hard to follow. What if we began to read all of Scripture in light of Jesus? What if we approached all the various stories and read them through the lens of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?

You see all the various stories are not written in some type of chronology, but are written as more of a mosaic with all the pieces coming together to tell one overarching story…the story of God’s relentless love towards people. Maybe the Scriptures become for us one of the ways that The Divine speaks into our lives, but maybe we need to prayerfully approach the Scriptures as a part of God’s grand narrative and not just a textbook. If we approach it in this way, I believe that my grandmother’s words may then become more and more alive for all of us.

Today is a great day to give Thank to everyone But God should come first WE should always be ready to give thanks  for what we have As I was having my  

devotions  I read Psalm’s 100    it spoke to me so I read it several times  I like  the quote It is God who made us, and we are His  I like to think I am . also  I liked 

For the Lord is good and his love endure  forever When I am lonesome and feel that no body cares   I go to my Bible  there I find that someone does love me 

I love reading the Bible and finding out how much God does care  if I just trust Him  I will be praying for your service in the morning while  I am getting ready to go to church I pray that you have a great service tomorrow God Loves you and so do I  Love  Grandma Ola

July, 30, 2017


My grandmother may be 94 years-old, but there is a wisdom that comes from her that is worth us all hearing. She knows the One that is redeeming, reconciling, and restoring all things. The One that does this work in us personally, in our relationships with one another, and the whole cosmos. The role of the church then becomes the people who embody God’s redemption seen in the love of Jesus. The church is to be the people that understand the Scriptures together and then live out the call of Jesus in those pages to be God’s people, a people of hope, faith, and love. It is the church that is to point out what my grandmother points out for us: we are his, and knows us and wants us to know Him. Do you know Him?

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