Wisdom from Grandma

Every week that I receive an email from my grandmother I am more and more impressed with her. She is a woman who did not grow up with a typewriter or computer and yet each week there is an email in my inbox. What is more impressive is the meaning behind the words.

Good morning Aaron , this is the day the Lord has made for us  lets us rejoice and be glad  I am praying he will bless you and encourage you . I am sure that your people needs to be encouraged  so giver them an encourage word this morning .Pleasant words are a honeycomb,sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16/24 God loves you and so do I   Keep trusting God  Love Grandma Ola

-August, 16, 2015

Do we wake each morning believing that “This is the Day the Lord has made?” The reality for most of us is we wake up, hurry to the shower, the coffee pot, the car, and maybe grab a banana or granola bar on the way out the door. If we are lucky maybe we have a bowl of cereal and it is not a mad dash to our car. This is usually the start to a day and the rushing does not slow down. We hurry from activity to activity. Maybe, your days don’t look as rushed as this, but mine often do. This then leads to a day when I can be short with people, I can be quick to be defensive, I can be slow to have compassion for others. I am sure for some of you reading this that is true, but for others it is not.

However, the mornings I get up a little early, spend time in prayer, the Scriptures, and reading, I notice that I am slower to feel rushed even if I am hurrying. I notice that I am kinder, slower to get angry, I have more patience, and I am quicker to offer a hand and a smile. What if we not only thought different internally, but what if it defined our outward presence by loving acts and kind words.

This proverb that Grandma Ola mentions here is something that all of us need to remember, if we use kind words in a world full of unkind words, then it truly is sweet to the soul. If we add a smile, if we add encouragement day-in and day-out, in the busyness of our lives then others and ourselves may see “this is the day the Lord has made.”

Hopefully, you and I can become a people who offer more and more encouraging words. A people who encourage one another and others to dream big dreams. Encouraging words have a way of inspiring, offering hope, and leading to God-sized ideas, dreams, and moments. We never know what a word of encouragement may do. We never know the impact our words can have. May we speak wisely and may we recognize the gift and opportunity every morning lays before us.

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