courage for the journey – dangerous refugees

Powerful words. I continually pray that those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus will continually strive to live more and more like Jesus and that we will not settle for the way things are. The way things are do not reflect the reality of what God’s Kingdom values. God’s Kingdom is forcefully advancing and not the way all other kingdoms have advanced. God’s Kingdom is advancing through the church, through compassion, through vulnerable love, through hope!

teanna sunberg

train_Fotor boarding the train to Slovenia

tent_foggy_Fotor a tent city in the western Balkans

opatovac_graeme_tents_Fotor early morning volunteer hours

The guards are frightening. 

I imagine how it all looks from the eyes of a Syrian child who has run from ISIS, or through the eyes of the tumbling stomach of an Afghani girl who has hidden her shaking vulnerability behind flimsy doors in fear of Taliban soldiers. 

Here in Europe, the guards wear black. Their face masks are black too, covering all but the eyes as she walks through mazes formed by the position of cattle fences. 

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