THE Answer for the Church

Good thoughts, especially for those who “worry” about the church.

r e F o c u s

In a recent blog post, Matt Walsh speaks to the church in America and says that maybe the reason Christianity is “dying” is answer
because it’s boring people to death.  He talks about how, in the attempt to be relevant, the church no longer looks different from the rest of the world so it’s ho-hum and that if we start bringing truth back to the forefront, church won’t be boring anymore because truth is alive and prods us out of our comfort zone.

Okay, then.  There’s the answer…oh, wait, what’s that?

On the same day in an article entitled, “The Christian Sky is not Falling” Ed Stetzer says, “Christianity is not dying and no serious researcher thinks that.”  Stetzer claims that rather than “dying” the Christian church is “being clarified” moving from nominal Christianity (being Christian in name only) to convictional Christianity (believers serious about living out their…

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