Community or bust

Bekah is a friend, former co-worker, and pastor who is sharing the joys and struggles of parenting a child who has been diagnosed with a heart-breaking disease. She writes posts that share her heartache and how she is journeying through these tough days. Feel free to read her story and pray for the Bowman Family.

Can't steal my joy

It’s quiet in my house. As always, my thoughts are running a million miles a minute. I’m thinking about Titus, always Titus, and the rest of my family. About the hope I dare to have for a future for Ely while in my mind I’m terrified of the results we could find once he is tested. I’m thinking about the thousands who are supporting us. I’m thinking about the things I am learning about God that are just at the tip of my reach, like I know what it is I’m learning, yet it is still so profound and mysterious. And then my mind begins to shape this conversation… with Satan. It goes something like this:

ME: “You think you’ve got this don’t you. You think you’ve got me down. I’ll tell you what… it’s been a valiant effort. And I’m broken, that’s for sure. I’m scared. I’m angry. But…

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