Toilet Adventures

We are at an interesting point in this whole parenting journey. Our son is three and a half years old and is now nearly potty trained. He showed little interest in using the “potty” for the longest time. In fact, we tried putting fruit loops in the toilet as targets, but he was upset that we wasted fruit loops. My wife and I are not sure what happened, but about two weeks ago he started going to the potty and we have not had an accident since!

Because I wanted him to know it was a big deal when he used the “big boy” potty I would make a big deal about it. I would say “God job, Isaac. Daddy is so proud of you! Let’s go tell mommy.” Following my verbal encouragement we would have a high-five session with smiles and laughter.

As the potty training has continued to go well there was a moment the other day that made me laugh out loud and take a moment to think. Isaac saw me coming out of the bathroom and loudly yelled “Good job, daddy. I’m so proud of you! Mommy, daddy went potty on the potty!” “High Fives daddy.”

After I stopped laughing I could not help, but think about how this little boy and his sister watch everything my wife and I do. My children will know how much I desire to follow Jesus by the example I set before them. I was challenged to never forget that my primary role as a father is to disciple my children, and they are always watching and always listening.

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