Love from a Father

It was a normal afternoon. I was drinking a cup of coffee while preparing for the coming Sunday’s sermon when my phone rang. It was my father-in-law calling to let me know that my wife and daughter were at the hospital. My first reaction was “where are my keys” followed by me actually asking him, “how are they?” He quickly told me it was nothing to worry about, but that our daughter, Gracie, had grabbed a mug that had recently been filled with hot tea and spilled it. As the contents of the mug spilled, they landed on my daughter’s arm and my wife’s leg. He went on to say that both were going to be just fine, but Gracie had some blisters from the burn and they wanted her to get checked out. As a dad, all I wanted to do was go grab my little girl, hold her tightly to my chest, and tell her everything would be okay. If she was older, I would have offered a credit card.

After I hung up the phone with a promise that my father-in-law would have Katie call me and tell me what the doctor said. I sat back and said a little prayer for my daughter. In that moment, I started to think about a father’s love for a child, specifically my love for my children. I started thinking about how one phone call could change my whole day, and how that one phone call stopped everything I was doing, and how nothing was as important as my little girl.

The love of a good father is powerful, especially that of the Heavenly Father. As I continued working on my sermon and praying for my little girl I could not help, but think of the love the Father had for his Son and the great love he has for us. This Christmas season I am reminded that when we cry out to God he is like I was when the phone rang, giving undivided attention. God, the Father, loves all with a love that knows no end.

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